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In Season 13, Imogen developed a crush on the FTM character Adam Torres, and the two kissed, but soon after Adam got into a car accident and was killed off.Later, in Season 13, episode 25, Imogen met the lesbian character Jack, a free-spirited dancer who quickly gained the affection of the equally free-spirited Imogen.It ended with 70 episodes and one spin-off television film, entitled Vacation with Derek.George Venturi (John Ralston), a divorced man from London, Ontario who had custody of his three children from a previous marriage: sons Derek (Michael Seater) and Edwin (Daniel Magder) and daughter Marti (Ariel Waller), marries a divorced woman named Nora Mc Donald (Joy Tanner), who has two daughters of her own from a previous marriage: Casey (Ashley Leggat) and Lizzie (Jordan Todosey).She could have been bi/pansexual, however, several characters referred to her as a lesbian, including her mother and her best friend Becky.In Season 12, Fiona told a friend Imogen was “questioning” but it wasn’t revealed if she came to any conclusion.Life with Derek and another Canadian sitcom, Naturally, Sadie, were both added to Disney Channel in the United States in 2005.In May 2007, Naturally, Sadie was pulled from the channel, but Life with Derek was left on.

TV (French) in Canada and on Disney Channel in the United States.

Eli suffered from bipolar disorder and Imogen tried to help him stay off meds and get over his on again off again girlfriend.

After Eli rejected her a final time, Imogen set out to befriend Fiona and the two got close.

Fiona, who had a crush on Imogen, tried to confront her about her feelings for Eli and set the two up on a date.

Imogen dated Eli again but the two broke up over his jealousy and manic/violent episodes.

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[1] A relationship story arc is defined as explicit, developed on screen, and lasting more than 3 episodes.

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