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We had no idea they had a special police force just watching out for us tourists.

We haven’t seen them yet, and we don’t intend to.’ Although he concedes that they had to pay a very large sum at their hotel, X-Dream, to get a stripper to perform and do a ‘special dance’ for the groom-to-be, he adds frankly: ‘We didn’t mind.

About Latvia Latvia is situated in the Baltic region of north Europe.

It has Estonia on its north and Lithuania on its south.

My Partner Forever, a well-established international matchmaking agency, recently partnered with Marriage Agency Alena located in Riga, Latvia.

Zinta Berzina, 49, chief inspector of the monitoring unit, is blunt in her opinion of the British stag party revellers, who she says often wear ‘strange’ fancy-dress outfits such as Spiderman or pantomime characters.

In our country, one can freely access rivers and lakes, the sea and the forests...

Latvia National Agency in the field of education and training – State Education Development Agency (SEDA) - is kindly inviting to take part in the International Conference „ECVET (European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training) in the context of Life-long Learning” on November 30, 2017 in Riga, Latvia.

More adventurous lads pay huge sums for pool parties in private mountain houses (with more Latvian lovelies on hand to cater for their every whim), shooting trips where the young men fire Kalashnikovs, and sailing trips.

A notice posted on the internet alerts them to the extortionate price of alcohol in some less than salubrious bars, and tells how some tourists have been assaulted, threatened or forcibly taken to cash machines to withdraw money by local heavies who force them pay a bill of hundreds of pounds for a simple ‘cocktail’.

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