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This restroom used to be more active, but you can still find action here, especially after 5 pm when the staff leaves and students get out of class. I'm over 60, but I always get plenty of action. Examiner clearly had a bad time and wants everyone to know it.

You can see into the next stall from the reflection... There are tons of video booths and a huge theatre room. Most of the time, I just went into a booth, locked the door and got off by myself. The thirsty tranny prostitutes have taken over this location. I expected to see many Hispanics, but there were just a few of them.

Explicit and sexual content is encouraged to be held in private chat only.

Gays, lesbians and singles are more than welcome to participate.

"We all struggle through some of life's nuisances but sometimes it can feel very overwhelming that it becomes difficult to get by and live to our fullest potential.

I strive to provide a warm compassionate environment for us to work together to reach your goals.

I am a board certified psychiatrist and I specialize in various different areas including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, ADHD, OCD, Panic disorder, Insomnia and postpartum depression and anxiety.""I specialize in helping people reach their full potential by answering difficult life questions such as, "What's happening," "What does this mean," and perhaps most importantly, "What should I do?

Of course look for full privacy and also suck outside in the parking lot. I had been there few times and each time I get lucky to suck a straight guy and once I got fucked by one. You need to visit more often and stay there a bit, not just a quick in & out. This bookstore is a filled with young tired queens. There were a few Latinos in there, and a couple of black guys. I've only stopped here a couple of times during the day. It would be a relatively safe spot for some action, but I don't know that anyone actually comes u... It has cut down on a lot of the riff raff that was in and out of the place before. If the cruisers don't learn to behave in this bathroom, it is only a matter of time before they take the doors off the stalls.

Horse playing, talking loud, dancing up and down the hallways and sitting outside in their cars waiting on a dick to drive up. The black guys looked like they were looking for other blacks. Just visited around noon, and got 2 loads in no time. Located between I-10 and the area south of Briar Forest. Blacks are not my fave type, but I got fucked by a good-looking black guy with a nice thick cock. The folks that are inside are now paying customers that ... Next to the cemetery at the end of the closed road there are beaten paths. Although it is not what it once was you can usually find a few options around dus... It always seems to be the same couple of guys anyway.

Most of the folks were not very good looking, so when something nice came, I got it right away. The arcade accepts bills, no need to fuss with staff. There are a couple of access points at Buffalo Bayou to reach the trail system or you can park at one of the businesses or office buildings on Highway 6. My balls are bluer than Papa Smurf after watching Handy Smu... Went there in November, sucked off three guys to completion (one huge dick) and then was given a great long blowjob by another guy. I've had plenty of friends who used to talk about going to 'visit Sadie Westheimer's grave' (ha ha).

I'm normally a top, but this black guy pounded... I've been here multiple times but I've never see any guys. I saw a really hot guy in here with nipple rings and some cock and ball piercings. He motioned for me to come over and just as I did someone else came in... I don't know if there is new management, but the last time I went the Asian guy that works there came back there yelling at people to get out if they were not in a booth looking at a video. It was just one after another and if I didn't have to be somewhe... I have visited on special nights when rooms are half price. By experience, this place has a decent lunch and afternoon crowd. The remodeling that put in the suck ramp, gloryhole booths, public sling, and fuck table was ...

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